Tampa/St. Pete, Fl

Chris Dupre

Professional Guitarist & Singer

8 songs all acoustic with quite a mixture of styles including but not limited to: Blues, Reggae, Rock, Folk, Flamenco, Pop

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Finally Found You

Under Your Thumb

One Night Stand

The Best Thing

I'm Sorry

Can't Say

Bottle of Whiskey


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The Best Thing

This is a song basically speaking about what I feel is the best thing that a woman can do for a man which is make him feel like a man. And that's it ladies! Just make us feel like we are THE man. Got a little experimental here with the videography please don't shoot because the flaws!

I Can't Say

This song is basically about not ratting on your friends. This is one of a couple of songs where I decided to go with a grittier, bluesier style voice. The concept of the video kind of came to me after seeing a episode of Law N Order (a show which I love) and started to to snowball with some ideas.

One Night Stand

Here is a song about just what the title hints to. The Chorus is basically the "pick up" line and the verses tell a story of a guy who try's to hook up but ends up being the intended target instead. I had a bunch of beach footage that I thought would be great for the reggae heavy style.


Bottle of Whiskey

A song that is straight up about heartbreak and how we as men or women tend to deal with it by consuming alcohol to numb the pain. I chose the black and white for effect and it came out better than I expected. This was the first one I did from the album.


Under Your Thumb
on the radio....

Hildi Brooks was kind enough to play my song on her SUNDAY MORNING ACOUSTIC show on WMMO 98.9 a prominent rock radio station out of Orlando, FL. Here is video I made of me listening to it with great excitement as it was broadcast that morning in 2015

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     Released in May of 2014. This was my first ever studio recording venture after years of trying to record on my own and just being very bad at it and frustrated and getting older. I found a talented young producer who offered me a deal I couldn't refuse after meeting him at one of my open mics. It was such a process that took months due to frustrations and scheduling but once completed I went all the way and had quality artwork done as well as professionally pressed CD's that I am offering here.

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