Tampa/St. Pete, Fl

Chris Dupre

Professional Guitarist & Singer

8 songs all acoustic with quite a mixture of styles including but not limited to: Blues, Reggae, Rock, Folk, Flamenco, Pop

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The Best Thing mp3
Chris Dupre (Mr. Somebody Else)
Under Your Thumb
Chris Dupre (Mr. Somebody Else)

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The Best Thing

This is a song basically speaking about what I feel is the best thing that a woman can do for a man which is make him feel like a man. And that's it ladies! Just make us feel like we are THE man. Got a little experimental here with the videography please don't shoot because the flaws!

I Can't Say

This song is basically about not ratting on your friends. This is one of a couple of songs where I decided to go with a grittier, bluesier style voice. The concept of the video kind of came to me after seeing a episode of Law N Order (a show which I love) and started to to snowball with some ideas.

One Night Stand

Here is a song about just what the title hints to. The Chorus is basically the "pick up" line and the verses tell a story of a guy who try's to hook up but ends up being the intended target instead. I had a bunch of beach footage that I thought would be great for the reggae heavy style.


Bottle of Whiskey

A song that is straight up about heartbreak and how we as men or women tend to deal with it by consuming alcohol to numb the pain. I chose the black and white for effect and it came out better than I expected. This was the first one I did from the album.

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