Tampa/St. Pete, Fl

Chris Dupre

Professional Guitarist & Singer

House of Acoustic

So... I'm into a lot of different styles of music these days and my tastes are constantly evolving. My first album ever at 8 years old was Billy Joel's Glass House's. And then Neil Diamond after seeing the movie the Jazz Singer. And then Michael Jackson's Thriller like most young kids at that time. As I got into middle school age I became a huge Prince fan and collected all his albums to that point which was up to and including Around the World in a day.

   And thennnn, I got into high school and friends turned me on to Led Zeppelin and Motley Crue and that was the beginning of the end! Two years later I decide to learn guitar and begin my obsession with top players and a longing to be the best. My playing and musical taste continued to evolve from the hard rock and metal sounds into blues and even developing a love for reggae music. Later in life and my playing I was drawn to the challenge of the Acoustic. I discovered players like Tommy Emmanuel and flamenco players like Al DiMeola and Paco De Lucia. And then I discover Gypsy Jazz (which is basically just ripping acoustic guitar) because of Django Reinhardt and also discover the amazing catalog of players that are keeping this music alive and well. 

   All the while I would occasionally listen to what's known as "Chill Lounge" music or "House Jazz" and enjoyed the smooth and danceable beats that groove with it. And I thought, why haven't I heard any stuff like this with Acoustic guitar in it? So I decided the time had come to finally make an instrumental body of work to showcase my Acoustic guitar playing and combine it with a danceable smooth jazz "chill" style and also include my often under appreciated sense of humor. Most instrumental albums are just such serious pieces of work that ooze the intensity of the particular artists skill set. So I thought: fuck all that. I'm gonna just be a goofball and have some fun with some cool music....... So this is my House of Acoustic where I perform what I will call "House Acoustic" music.

Under the Largo Sun
Chris Dupre (House of Acoustic)
Pants Party
Chris Dupre (House of Acoustic)
Costa Maya
Chris Dupre (House of Acoustic)
Deer Sir
Chris Dupre (House of Acoustic)
Chris Dupre (House of Acoustic)