Tampa/St. Pete, Fl

Chris Dupre

Professional Guitarist & Singer


JBL EON powered speakers. These speakers (2) have been through a lot with me and are still going strong after 10 years of use.

Larivee LV-03

Can't say enough about this guitar or the brand itself. As some of you know the story I like to tell, I originally purchased a Taylor 310ce and gigged with it for 3 weeks before getting fed up and taking it back. I then took a chance on this brand that I had never heard of and right from the start was perfect!


Loops and much more. This provides a rhythm guitar player for me so I can tear it up soloing all over the neck. 

Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 floyd

Blackstar HT60

Blackstar HT60

For years I have held onto a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL half stack that I did not use because I down graded due to "large amp/ small club" frequency. This amp is bad ass, when it works that is. After only a couple of uses the amp embarrassed me at both a gig and a guitar competition and whats worse is after contacting Backstar twice by email about this amp breaking down after only a couple of uses. They never responded and I had to pay out of pocket the expenses to get it working again. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE AMPS.